Find out the secret of keeping your body in incredible perfect shape!

A new style of living has been involved in this 21st century livingas people are concentrating on keeping their body fit and free from fat. If you are also one among them then you have chosen the right platform which will help to take care of your hips in splendid way. Keeping the body in perfect shape is kind of a good habit but before training your body to incredible shapes you must be aware of hips which are the bridge for connecting both parts of your body.

With hip lies the grip!

Yes, that’s really true. Hip is the connector which connects upper half of the body with lower half without any big deal. With steady hips we can do all ambulation without any pain. Hip gives the complete support for standing up and lying down. Without hip bones humans will be similar to earth worms crawling to mud and our life support will become a biggest question mark. So whatever work we may do or don’t do, it is our part to try some of the exercises to keep our hips with grip!

What is a hip flexor injury?

Anything which causes pain in the hip region is not considered as hip flexor injury. Only certain conditions are given that specific name. Psoas is the muscle which helps to connect bones with lower and upper parts of the body. The muscle starts from lower spine or vertebrate column and travels through pelvis and ends up with a final connection at femur in top. This is how psoas is attached to your body.

With the help of the psoas all the back bones movements and abdomen movements are established. This is the core muscle of your body. When you are having severe of unbearable pain in these muscles then there are chances of muscle weakness which is called hip flexor injury. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of hip flexor injury.

Reasons for hip injury

Here are some of the reasons specified; if your reason is one among them then you have to see a specialist to take care of your hips.

  • High level stretches
  • Prolonged sitting tightens your hips
  • Improper workouts
  • Accidents
  • Aging conditions
  • Over performing in aerobics

Any physical activity over performed without proper warm ups can damn surely result in hip flexor injury. Even mountain climbers need to have proper practice of climbing. Recreational climbers need to be fit and fine while performing trekking.

Athletes stay aware

You may be an athlete who performs lots of sprinting workouts every day. When you are performing some of the high stretches or jumps without your coach supervision which you have never tried before then you are having lots of chances to get hip flexor injury.

Is hip flexor a disease?

You may have this question; they are called as “Active people’s disease” but in actual terms they are not diseases and they don’t happen based on any hereditary issues unless humans evolved from earthworms! Hip flexors can be cured with perfect treatments and care. There are levels of pain in hip flexor injury which is defined below:

Pain level 1

This is common level, which happens when people are trying exercises or practicing their body for running or some physical activity at an initial stage. This pain is not so intense and it can be cured with hot water bags and ointments.
Pain level 2

The intensity of the pain in moderately bearable with little pain killers. It happens due to sudden fast movements or fall offs from heights and this pain level mostly happens to athletes. The fibers is the muscles are broken in small amounts which causes pain level 2
Pain level 3

This is really unbearable for humans. In medical terms it is actually rupturing of fibers which are keeping the muscles closer. This cannot happen while performing physical activities. It can only happen when people meet with accidents. It takes months and years to stabilize the body after pain level 3.

These are the pain levels; all these can be cured without more expenses.


Don’t worry, if you have a hip flexor injury

While practicing exercises or in some accidents, people may get affected by hip flexor injury. Nearly 5 to 10% of the world’s population undergoes hip flexors every year. Don’t think that your hip flexor injury is one in billion. Like a tunnel that has got a way to go inn and come out, there are certain ways to get relieved from hip injury without any further consequences.

Secrets to unlock the injury in your hips

  • Flex in hips in little ways
  • Do some of the physical work
  • Do stay idle in a single place
  • Protect your joints while trying weird stunts
  • Eat right for staying in shape
  • Initiate your body with warm ups before exercises or physical activity
  • Start with low impacts of exercises as a beginner

These are just some of the secrets which you have to know for keeping your hip right on its place. The hip is the support mechanism for proper working. It provides superb support to 33 vertebral bones without any zigzag movements. Taking a good amount of food for nourishing the hips bones with calcium is also one of the most important points. To reduce inflammations in hip joints take foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and calcium. Let the Salmon do wonders for your hip injuries!

Flexing your hips in the right way

People must know how to get right flexible hips because they can make to stronger and faster for doing multi tasks. Without any doubt flexible hips can be achieved with constant exercises and perfect workouts. Even exercise help to build up the damaged hips in some cases. Here are some of the exercises for flexing hips in better ways. Exercises for flexing your hips and turning back your body to perfect shape and size.

Go on knees

When you can’t perform good on standing and flexing your hips then go on knees without any mull over. Here are some of the simple exercises for flexing your hips.

  1. Begin with a simple lunge on your right foot. Lower your left knee as far as possible and grab your left foot with your left arm.
  2. Stretch your right foot forward for increasing the stretches in apt way.
  3. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds in both legs alternatively for 5 times and relax.

Simple lunges

This is effectively proven for stretching the tight hips without any difficulty.

  1. Stand still and straight with correct 90º position and gently take a step forward with right foot and perform lunges.
  2. Repeat the same procedure with left and perform this lunge for just 15 seconds repeatedly for 5 times and relax

This exercise can become far more effective to treat your hip flexor injury.

Imagine like you are mountain climbing

You are not really mountain climbing but the position is like really you are!

  1. Balance your body with hands and legs aptly on the floor
  2. Bring your left leg close to your body and move forward. Likewise perform with right leg too.
  3. Gradually increase the speed of this floor cum mountain climbing to get friction flowing between your hip joints.

Squat with all your strength

One of the simple and the craziest exercise is performing squats. On performing squats the whole pelvic area will get relieved and relaxed. The complete blood flow will be concentrated in that area. When the blood flushes through your pelvic muscles then the pain caused by injury will disappear.

Fly like a butterfly

Yes performing butterfly squat is completely easy because it is not so complicated as many exercises.

  1. Sit comfortably in the floor
  2. Bend your legs near your hip area
  3. Hold both of your foots with your hands
  4. Flap your legs without stressing

This exercise is really easy and anybody can perform it as even a warm-up for performing high flexing stretches. Performing such kinds of exercises is quiet easy.

Seated straddled stretch

  1. Sit straight on floor with correct 90º position and stretch your legs.
  2. Move your legs as dancers practicing for stretches up to the maximum amount of your body
  3. Stay in the position for 10 seconds then relax

These are some of the simple exercise which you can perform in your home without any expert help.

Know about your body

Before performing exercises the basic thing is you are the master of your body, so be aware of how many exercises that your body can do per day. Based on your body’s response to exercises, train your body. The simple way to identify your body response is starting up with simple warm-ups. At initial stages of warm-ups your body will feel little pain. But that is not an issue, make your body feel little pain to keep going with some of the massive transformations.

Benefits of hip flexor exercises

By practicing these hip workouts there are many benefits coming up

  • Your body is ready to perform any stunts
  • Help you to perform better jogging or walking
  • Improves your body balance
  • Less pains and sores on joints
  • Strengthens your spinal cord
  • No fat and cholesterol will come in your boundary

These are the benefits of performing hip flexors in daily life. We bet you can even beat shakira’s hip shake when you have perfect exercises for your hips.


No pain no gain

As the old saying prohibits without any pain, you cannot achieve beautiful trimmed hips. Hips are the region for attaining core balance in for the 33 bones in your spinal cord. Without a strong hip to balance your daily activities then the survival of fitness becomes question mark. So practice some of the simple exercises to train your hip and mind to work together for greatest outputs. With a strong hips

  • You can lift any kinds of weights
  • Easy to take care of twin babies
  • Standing for long hours becomes easy
  • Makes your dream journey to travel for space
  • Can easily perform multi-tasks

All these things can become possible when you keep your hips stronger and stiffer.

Ways to take care of your hips

Rather than exercises there are some of the ways to take care of your hips when you are having a severe injury. Some of the other ways are mentioned below:

Hot or cold compress

This is used from little injury to any high level of injury. The hot or cold water should not be applied directly in the injured area. The compress should be carried out with proper procedure of dipping cotton cloth in water and applying the compress in hip for better relief. This compress should be carried out for several times in a day to get fast relief.


Some of the experts offer massage therapies for these kinds of hip flexor injuries. The soft tissue massages can help people to get rid from their blood clots or pains happened on such hip flexor injuries. The soft tissue massages can be performed by experts or even by self in case of emergency.


By using electrotherapy treatment it is very easy to cure any levels of pain in hip area. The treatment is simple; it is by passing electric current in a person hip region to stimulate nerves and muscles. This is used on severe accident conditions. This can be performed only with the interest of patient because it deals with passing electric current in one’s body. Some of the types of electrotherapies are mentioned below

  • (GS)- Galvanic stimulation
  • (IFC)- Interferential current (IFC)
  • (EMS)- Electrical muscle stimulation
  • (PEMF)-Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • (PENS)- Percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  • (TENS)- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

These are the types of stimulations based on the injury type, the effective treatment is provided.


This is one of the early methods of curing a hip flexor injury. All old treatments can bring our good results. They are one among the best. The treatment involves simple exercises for making the hip work on various angles. This can be pretty painful but will make the people recover from pain in short period of time.

Dry needling

This is related to acupuncture but it is far beyond that. Some hollow core hypodermic needles are used in this process of dry needling. This has been developed from Chinese treatment and proves to be one of the most effective ones. The needles are directly inserted into myofascial trigger point which consists of various knots of veins connecting the body parts. When the correct nerve is stimulated, then the person can feel no pain regarding hip flexor injury. This can be performed only by individuals.

These are just some of the treatments which are available for treating your hips rather than exercises.


It is always better to take precaution before you get either a hip flexor injury or tight hips. Just wake up in the morning and shake your hips as warm-up and continue with some of the stretching workouts to live a peaceful life without any pain or inflammation in the core region of your body. Don’t worry if you are having some pains, because it can also be treated with proper care and treatment.