AlignMed Women’s Posture Shirt

Are you experiencing bad posture and searching for a better posture shirt? The posture shirt from AlignMed is specially designed to give best strength to your back. It gives a great overall posture and helps your back, neck joints and shoulder. If you are having poor posture then it is likely that you having wearing the right posture wear and shirt. AlignMed Posture can disperse your muscle and joint weight across your body. This helps in relieving your muscle pain and better functioning of joints.

About the product

In the market of posture braces and support, finding quality products is always challenging. However, AlignMed product has been designed after regular research and development in best possible way. The companies have walked an extra mile and ensure that quality of this product is high level.


AlignMed Women’s posture shirt comes at a cost of around $99 and option of FedEx express shipping which gets you this product at less expensive cost. Apart from that, it also has least expensive shipping option and you can get a good quality product at reasonable price.

Color and Size

There are three main colors of AlignMed Women posture shirt namely white & gray, while and black with different sizes like small, medium, large X-L and XX-L. There are different shipping options available on priority shipping.

Our experience

Wrong posture can be troublesome for anyone if you are spending several hours in front of computer. There are various reviews available online which provide feedback about Alignmed and its usage. AlignMed women’s posture shirt is able to provide correct posture within few days. This product was tested by us and we standby the claims made by Manufacturer. The comfort, style and performance of this product is really good and has helped get the comfort which you expect from a posture shirt.


Below are some of the advantages of AlignMed Women’s Posture shirt

  • Product has been clinically tested and doesn’t deny any scientific evidence
  • Manufacturer claims that it is recommended by 1400 physicians and there is no denying the product
  • If you are looking for a visually appealing and training bra then this product is highly recommended
  • Works by retraining your core muscles and provides 100% support
  • Unlike cotton, this product doesn’t hold any moisture and becomes comfortable once you get accustomed to wearing it
  • Helps in relieving back pain and results are spontaneous
  • Product is highly versatile and wearable


  • The smell of this product doesn’t go away if you don’t wash it regularly
  • There is some adjustment period if you are not accustomed to wearing a tight cloth
  • This product can be out of budget if you cannot spend $100 investment


AlignMed Company is behind the product AlignMed Women’s posture shirt 2.0. The company was founded in the year 2001 and this product has been launched not like traditional posture braces but involves high level engineering design that stimulates muscle movement and corrects body alignment in best possible manner. Dozens of studies have been conducted on posture shirts over the last decade and company has finally evolved AlignMed product that will suit all types of body.

Article by Posture Agent