An effective way to stretch your hip

Hip is the most important one for making the body move in steady motion. You can increase the steadiness of your hips by introducing your hips to new exercise to relieve from tight hip flexors. They help in building a strong basement for your body without any complications.

The tightness does not happen all of a sudden. When you are sitting or standing for too long periods, it happens which leads to no mobility in bones and muscles. This can be easily brought back to normal stage without any hard inputs.


Any workout which you are performing is just for the own sake of healthy living. Just imagine you are walking on a road buying some meat from a meat shop, a pack of dogs are chasing you to get the meat from you. The amount of your running speed should be directly equal in saving your food. If you are practiced to regular exercises then it is very easy for you to escape from dogs. Or else you along with your meat can become food for those hungry stomachs.

So practicing a new workout for a day is good for you in helping such horrible situations. So stick to some routine exercises for developing a good physical condition.

Kneel and stretch

  • Kneel down with left knee and balance with right heel pressing the ground.
  • Now change to right knee kneeling down and left heel pressing against the ground.

Do this for 5 times in a continuous speed. This can increase the stability of your hip bones.

Copycat Spiderman

  • Kneel on your left leg and touch the right leg which is pressing against the ground and turn your body.
  • Repeat the same procedure for alternate positions. When you are balancing with left heel on the ground face left side, or on right heel on the ground face right side.

This can increase a good amount of flow of blood circulation which will enrich the muscles in a later stage.

Roller foam

Roller foam is one among the famous workouts of tight hip flexors. They can provide perfect grip in controlling your body muscles without the usage of your hands.

  • Lie on left side of your body and use the foam and roll over in adequate motion
  • Lie on the opposite side of your body and roll over in uniform speed.

This can increase the stretching ability of your hip muscles.

These are some of the workouts which help in increasing the stability of your hips. Other than this you can try getting some massages on your soft tissues by a trained physician to lose the tighten muscles.

Tightening of muscles in hip area can lead to non-movable conditions and pain whenever you perform any sort of physical activity. These conditions have to be looked with further examinations and checked for symptoms to get treated from a physician.

Try practicing some light exercises to keep your hip area fit and tight in terms of not getting fluffy and fat. These are some of the tips to ensure that healthiness of your body. You can consume good amount of diet to make your body healthy.