How to heal your injured Hip

There are lots of people performing exercises in day to day life. By practicing workouts on daily basis can give good results but may lead to some hip flexor injury on doing an extreme physical activity. This injury can be treated with good medical care and proper rest.

There is no harm in being inquisitive but doing physical activities with lots of inquisitiveness can lead to a certain amount of damage in tissues or fibers present in the muscle of your body.

The connector

Hip is the part of the body which connects your upper half along with lower half. Managing such kind of part is always tricky and painful sometimes when it comes to injuries or spasms. There are three levels of pain in this in hip injuries are listed below

Level 1

This level happens mainly in beginners who are practicing the exercise first time. This may lead to little pain which can be cured by applying some pressure on that specific area or application of warm water. This pain level can help in the continuity of the movements.

Level 2

This level of pain can happen in persons, who are performing a regular physical activity like football players or athletes who are running at high speed. Usually, this is caused by breakage of fibers in muscles for a moderate amount. When a person undergoes this level he cannot perform for some little time. If you are a good watcher of games, you would have seen players undergoing such spasms.

Level 3

This is the most extreme level. It does not happen in running or playing. Some external force applied on muscles can tear off the fibers inside the muscles. Such cases are found in accidents only. The pain experienced is unbearable and it seeks immediate doctor supervision. The level 3 should be treated well with some months of resting period.

These are the pain levels of hip flexor injury. This can be treated with some of the ways prescribed below

Soft tissue massage

Massaging on a particular area can temporarily relieve pain and spasms. To get a permanent relief try the soft tissue massage for a period of time.


Hot or cold

You can try compressing with cold water or hot water based upon the days of injury happened. If the injury is fresh you can treat with cold water and reduce the pain levels. If the injury is more than 2 days it is better to give a hot compression.


A steady current flow has to be passed into the body for steadying the nerves and muscles this is usually done by practiced physicians.


A few exercises too can cure the injured area within some time. The exercises will be advised by the doctor and you can perform those even with the help of a doctor.

By practicing all these kinds of treatments you can get rid of injury that has been paining your hip for long days. The better idea is to stick on with regular exercises to stay away from sudden flexing injuries that might cause severe effects on the body.