Simple exercises for powerful hips

Exercise is becoming a routine word because many people are addicted towards exercising. An exercise a day keeps the pain away is the simple logic which can help in performing physical workout. It is always painful at the beginning but never stop exercises. If you are getting an idea of stopping your hip flexor exercises just remember for what reason you started it.

Exercise – good for all

An exercise can be good enough for all ages. Physical exercise can be of any form. It can indulge running, jumping, walking or any activity which makes your body flexible and ready to run even at fewer gravity spaces. Who knows someday we might all wander in space for some space projects. So make your body ready and you can conquer the world. Here are some simple exercises which can give you powerful hips


Seated hip flexing

  • Just sit in a chair and keep your hands firm in both sides of your hips. Breathe in and drag your left knee towards your chest and breathe out when you keep your left leg down.
  • Breathe in and drag your right knee towards your chest and breathe out when you keep your right leg down.

Repeat this exercise for 5 times and relax

One leg posture

  • This is the replica of seated hip flexing. Stand up from your chair and try bringing your left knee towards you and stand on right leg.
  • Breathe in and bring your right knee close to your chest and balance your standing posture with left leg.

Repeat this for 5 times. This may be little hard for beginners but when you practice it for many times in a month it will become so easy like nothing.


  • Tie a hamstring to the left ankle and connect it with some immovable objects.
  • Lift you left ankle in a parallel direction to the floor and increase the height based on your strength and relax.
  • Repeat the same procedure with opposite ankle and relax.

Do these workouts for 5 times and start with other exercises.


Floor climbing

You cannot try wall climbing because you don’t have a webbed hand or leg. You can instead floor climbing by walking with four legs.

  • Simply push left leg high towards your chest and bring your right leg forward. In equal intervals try covering some distance within your workout place.

For performing floor climbing you must move all the furniture away so that you don’t get hit by them.

These are just some of the exercises which can strengthen your hip area. Sticking with the same idea of seated hip flexing you can try that by lying on the ground and facing the roof.


By performing these hip flexor exercises for some days like 1 month or more than that you can visibly see a beautifully trimmed body without any fats sitting around the hip area. When you are on exercises you must have a correct intake of proteins and minerals to restore the conditions of your body. This is a simple way of living a healthy and fuller life without any joint pains in your hip area.